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Thank you to the many writers who submitted scripts for PAGE TO STAGE 2016, our annual season of new work by members. The season will be presented at La Mama Courthouse from 24th October – 13th November. We are delighted to announce that our independent judges (Emilie Collyer and Elizabeth Walley) have now made their final selections, which are as follows:

Original full-length PLAY 
The World Without Birds
by Christine Croyden

Monologues for
The Man in the Moon
by Louise Baxter
The Letter
by Mazz Ryan
The Visit
by Bruce Shearer
Tokyo Love Hotel
by Christine Croyden
How Does Your Garden Grow?
by Alison Knight
Humpster Dumpster
by Bruce Shearer

Congratulations to ALL writers who took the time to write and submit a piece for our 2016 season.

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P a g e

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Q. How does your background as a journalist influence the way in which you approach the writing of a play – if at all?Journalism is a great training ground for writers of any form. You are forced to become economical with words, adapt to a range of subjects, and work within the constraints of industry standards and in-house style – a valuable skillset for creative writers, who have both the blessing and curse of boundless choice. With playwriting, I tend to use the same methodical approach that I’ve used in publishing – starting with a concept or topic, I make a lot of notes about themes, characters, plot points etc. and then fill in the gaps with quite extensive research, to ensure I am well immersed in the subject matter. That learned discipline and attention to detail has made me a much better writer. Essentially, journalism whipped me into shape!

Q. Have you uncovered many stories and interview subjects that you feel would make compelling theatre viewing, and which you are burning to write about?
Last year, I was working on an investigative feature about the cycle of domestic violence, with a focus on the emotional and psychological scars of survivors. I conducted a series of interviews with counsellors, refuge managers and women who were brave and generous enough to share their stories. Sadly, the feature didn’t end up running, but I would love to explore theatre as a platform for this issue – it’s a very personal one for me, and I want to present the complex psychology of abuse in a way that audiences can understand. There are still so many misconceptions and unhealthy assumptions that only feed the problem.

Q. Why did you write “The Man in the Moon”?
When Neil Armstrong passed away in 2012, it got me thinking about how you would ever re-adjust to ‘normal’ life after experiencing such a historic, defining moment. Particularly in 1969, at a time of such political, social and cultural revolution; it must have been so jarring to witness the height of technological progress, but then have to endure the old-fashioned thinking of the time. I’m sure that most people can relate to at least moments of uncertainty, wondering ‘what it’s all about’, so the Astronaut’s existential crisis is just a more theatrical version. I hope those core themes come through and resonate with the audience in a way that provokes thought and discussion.

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