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Page to Stage 2016

Thank you to the many writers who submitted scripts for PAGE TO STAGE 2016, our annual season of new work by members. The season will be presented at La Mama Courthouse from 24th October – 13th November, and will feature ONE original full-length play and SIX original monologues. Scripts have now been sent to our independent dramaturgs for reading, with selections finalised by 15th July.

Good luck to all writers!

To see photos from Page to Stage 2015, click HERE and HERE

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Q&A with MWT member MAZZ RYAN

Q. Which came first – the desire to act or the desire to write?

A. I was 17 years old when the idea to be a writer first hit me. I was in awe of the way people could make words come to life in the novels I was reading.  I didn’t act upon that desire until I was 39, and going through a pretty rough time. I threw in the towel, left my career and went to Uni for the first time to take up a Performing Arts Degree in Launceston, Tasmania. I loved theatre and had always wanted to ac,t but I also had the firm idea that I wanted to write plays. The desire to write was there first, but the actuality of acting came before I put words to paper.

Q.  Does your experience as an actor on stage influence the way you write for the stage?
A. My acting absolutely influences the way I write for the stage. I feel I have a greater understanding of what the actors, directors and audiences want from their experiences. I try to write with as little stage directions as possible, allowing the actors and directors to find their purpose within the words. The words should drive the action, and as much as possible this should show rather than tell the audience what is happening. I am still learning this craft, and each script I work on goes through many drafts, reads, feedback and wrangling. I also try to see as much theatre as my dollars will allow, so that I can see what others are doing and what’s out there. Seeing theatre also drives my motivation.
Q.  Is there a script you are burning to write?

A. I am constantly coming up with ideas for scripts that have situations and human behaviours to explore. I have many beginnings with endings, but it’s often the middle which holds me up and drags out the process. So, rather than a script I’m burning to write, it’s more like the many scripts I’m burning to finish.

PICS from top: Mazz Ryan performing in The Snail Lady (“Merry MWT, La Mama Courthouse, December 2015).


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