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NOTE: Unless otherwise advised, all monthly workshops are held on MONDAYS @ 7PM at La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond St, Carlton 

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February 1
Submissions for 2018 ‘Page to Stage’ season OPEN.

*** FEBRUARY 13 ***
‘How to  a Write a Short Play”
A workshop designed to develop skills in short play writing. Useful for writers who plan on submitting a short play to Six Degrees in Melbourne.

NOTE: This workshop will be preceded at 6.30pm by our AGM. All members welcome to attend.

*** MARCH 19 ***
‘How to Write a Monologue’
A workshop designed to develop skills in monologue writing. Useful for writers who wish to submit a monologue to The Melbourne Monologues

*** APRIL 2 ***
Script Development Night
Brief feedback on scripts arising out of Feb 13 and March 19 workshops.

Submissions for 2018 ‘Page to Stage’ season CLOSE.

***  MAY 7 ***
Reading of the new play ‘Underground’ by Christine Croyden.

*** JUNE 4 ***
Script Development Night #1
A closed event for selected Season 2018 writers.

‘Page to Stage 2018’ – selected scripts announced.

*** JULY 9 ***
Script Development Night #2
A closed event for selected Season 2018 writers.

*** AUGUST 13 ***
Season 2018 Script Readings
Readings by actors, with writers present.

*** SEPTEMBER 10 ***
In-One-Act Playreading Performance
A rehearsed reading of selected scripts that have been created through the In-One-Act writing program, proudly presented by MWT in partnership with Yarra Libraries. 

*** OCTOBER 8 **
Season Fundraiser – ‘Two-Minute Tales’
A fun night of two-minute plays, designed to raise money for our 2018 Season.

*** NOVEMBER 5 ***
Rehearsal for Six Degrees in Melbourne. Closed event.

*** NOVEMBER 12 – DECEMBER 2      Page to Stage 2018 Season ***
November 12 – November 25    Six Degrees in Melbourne
November 26 – December 2    The Melbourne Monologues

*** DECEMBER 10 ***
MWT Christmas Party – all welcome!



Our 2017 productions, pictured from top to bottom, were:

St Kilda Stories
26th – 30th September, National Theatre Melbourne
Six Degrees in Melbourne
3rd – 15th October, La Mama Courthouse
The Melbourne Monologues
17th – 22nd October, La Mama Courthouse

*Banner photo: Mare Maticevski
*Photos at right: John Edwards
*Posters created by Isabella Gilbert


P a g e

t o           


 2 0 1 7


Q & A       with MWT writer Adele Shelley

Q. When did you start writing, and why?
Theatre has always been my passion, but it wasn’t until the upending experience of becoming a parent nine years ago that I wrote my first play for adults “She’s My Baby”. In this piece I wrote about my greatest fear: losing a child – both the actual death of a baby, and the natural loss of a child as she turns into a teenager and pushes away from her parents. I think live theatre can be a very powerful medium for exploring questions about people and life.

Q. You are currently working on a play called ‘Wounded’. What inspired you to write this?
Research suggests that children exposed to physical abuse are at greater risk of adverse outcomes later in life, including exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviour themselves. The research has limitations, however, and indicates that there are many complicating factors. Importantly, many people who have experienced domestic violence do not repeat the cycle of violence. I am interested in understanding why some people are able to effectively change patterns of behaviour learned in childhood, while many of us struggle to move very far beyond the examples set by our parents. ‘Wounded’ explores one person’s attempt to escape the ghosts of her past.

Q. Your monologue Girls’ School Delights, recently performed to appreciative audiences in The Melbourne Monologues, was a humorous piece of writing. How would you classify ‘Wounded’ in terms of genre?
‘Wounded’ is definitely not a comedy! I think it’s part murder-mystery; part The Bill (yes – that old police drama – re-imagined for theatre); and part psychological thriller. The play invites the audience to think like detectives and piece together the facts of two related crime-scenes to uncover the truth about one woman’s existence.

Adele is currently redrafting ‘Wounded’, which will receive further workshopping at MWT during 2018. Her monologue Girls’ School Delights, performed by Cosima Gilbert (pictured at left), received enthusiastic reviews – these may be found here, along with information and photos about the show.

Images courtesy of John Edwards

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