Welcome to 2019!

MWT was a wonderful place to be in 2018. From the creative energy of our Fringe show Stark. Dark. Albert Park to the creative practicality of our In One Act playwriting program, from the exquisite moments of Six Degrees in Melbourne to the exquisite theatricality of The Melbourne Monologues, we really did not stop. And the whole time, we kept putting more of this city’s ambitious playwrights on the map.

To the right, some photos from the year that was – below, a taste of the year to come. Start planning, start writing and become involved with MWT in 2019, and who knows? The next script we present on a stage near you could be yours.



This year we will be presenting our events across two venues.Our Monthly Workshops will be held at Kensington Town Hall (30 – 34 Bellair St, Kensington) while La Mama Courthouse will be the venue for our exciting new series of full-length script readings, Public Readings. In between, there will be callouts for scripts, submission closing dates, Season 2019 announcements and VIP invitations to our shows – but here are the important dates for now:


@ La Mama Courthouse
March 11
June 3
* Dates for the second half of 2019 to be announced.



@ Kensington Town Hall

February 4     
The Art of the Short Play  
* Preceded at 6.30pm by the AGM

March 4     
The Craft of the Monologue

April 1   
Script Development – Feedback on scripts written at Feb and March workshops

May 6    
A Bunch of Scripts #1 – Professional actors read your scripts

June 3    
Industry Speaker – script markets

July 1
Daring Dog Monologues – script meeting
Writers meet director to discuss scripts

August 5
Six Degrees at a Hot Melbourne Market – script meeting
Writers meet directors to discuss scripts

September 2
Six Degrees at a Hot Melbourne Market – script development session with actors

October 7
A Bunch of Scripts #2 – Professional actors read your scripts

November 4
Guest Speaker – About my work

December 2
MWT Christmas Party



(replaces The Melbourne Monologues)
12 – 21 September

(replaces Six Degrees in Melbourne)
12 – 23 November

*Banner photo: Ian Thrussell
The Melbourne Monologues

*Photos at right: John A. Edwards
Stark. Dark. Albert Park.
Six Degrees in Melbourne



P a g e

t o           


 2 0 1 8


Q & A       with MWT writer Brooke Fairley


Q. This is a rich and energised piece of writing. It has a poetic, spoken word quality to it. Is this your usual writing style?
No. Well, sometimes. Admittedly, it wasn’t by design, it just kind of happened that way. When I realised that there was potential for alliteration and rhyming etc, I just went with it.

Q. Your protagonist is a cat. Was it a challenge to get inside a cat’s head, or did it come easily to you?
She’s some kind of hybrid, perhaps human examining life through the prism of a cat. It’s pretty abstract, and best not to consider too literally. I’ve had a cat who had kittens. I know how they behave, so I suppose it was quite easy.

Q. What has writing this script taught you about yourself, the things that give you pleasure and the things you think you need?Writing gives me pleasure – when it works! It’s taught me not be self-conscious about writing truthfully, that I need a new pillow, and that I can pull  writing out of my a#%e at the last minute when I put my mind to it.

Brooke’s monologue 3 out of 9 was performed at the 2018 season of The Melbourne Monologues, which was presented from 26th November – 2nd December at La Mama Courthouse.


Top left – Brooke Fairley, with her script.
Photo credit: Brooke Fairley

Bottom left – Joanna Davey performs in 3 out of 9 at La Mama Courthouse
Photo credit: Ian Thrussell


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