2017 – The Melbourne Monologues

17th – 22nd October
La Mama Courthouse, Carlton

THE MELBOURNE MONOLOGUES was the second production in our ‘Page to Stage 2017’ season. This was the third year of this popular monologue showcase, which was promoted as follows:

Prepare to be lifted up, held for a moment, then swept away.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as a beautifully written monologue. Close your eyes and just for a moment, imagine – that story could be yours. In the third year of this showcase, we are proud to present six brand new monologues by writers Anita Sanders, Bruce Shearer, Carmen Saarelaht, Katie Lee, Adele Shelley & Louise Baxter. Performed by the MWT ensemble. Directed by Elizabeth Walley.   60 mins.

The playwrights and actors who wrote and performed these six short plays were:
Katie Lee  To Understand  (performed by Ruth Katerelos)
Carmen Saarelaht   No Feet   (performed by Alec Gilbert)
Adele Shelley   Girls’ School Delights   (performed by Cosima Gilbert)
Bruce Shearer   Garry   (performed by Jack McGorlick)
Anita Sanders   The Bystander is the Gatekeeper  (performed by Karissa Taylor)
Louise Baxter   Fairy Dust  (performed by Celia Handscombe)


Photos by John Edwards

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre appreciates the ongoing support of La Mama, and would like to especially like to thank all cast, crew, and MWT members who helped to make The Melbourne Monologues a successful production. We could not do what we do without you.