2022 – Tales from the Jetty

Tales from the Jetty

4th – 14th May 2022
Gasworks Arts Park


TALES FROM THE JETTY was a co-production between Gasworks Arts Park and Melbourne Writers’ Theatre. The show promotion ran as follows:

The explorers, the runners, the marchers, the mothers … and the moment they made History.

In 1884, three field naturalists in suits and singlets hike up a coastal path to reach the Beach they will fight to save. In the present day, in lycra and sneakers, another team leads an excursion of a different kind around Albert Park Lake. In a St Kilda living room, a group of mothers stare at a pile of unwanted baby items, an idea forming. And down on Fitzroy Street, a colourful troupe raises its flags and prepares to step out in style.

From the creators of Beachside Stories (2019) and The Best, The Fairest, The First (2021) comes Tales from the Jetty – a collection of short plays celebrating four remarkable local organisations. Their passion and generosity have shaped the communities of Port Phillip and beyond, and some of them have changed the lives of people you know, perhaps even You. Like the unsung heroes and heroines who run them, these organisations operate without fuss or fanfare. But in Tales from the Jetty we will celebrate all of them.

From the founding member to the volunteer, from the CEO to the stalwart marcher – join us as we recreate the inspiring, humorous and historic moments that inspired St Kilda Mums, Achilles Melbourne, the Midsumma Pride March and the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.



Kristina Benton
Emma Cox
Donna de Palma
Marnie Gibson
Alec Gilbert
Cosima Gilbert
Celia Handscombe
Ross Larkin
Monica Wong
Madeline Seiter


Writers    Bruce Shearer, Alison Knight, Adele Shelley and Gregory Vines
Director & Designer    Elizabeth Walley
Lighting Designer  D B Valentine
Stage Manager    Kris Reyland
Creator & Producer    Clare Mendes


Read the Cast and Crew biographies in the SHOW PROGRAM:

Producer, Director, Acknowledgements

Writers, Actors, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer






Didn’t make it to the show? Watch some highlights:

Show trailer (2.14)

Interviews with Cast and Crew (2.06)