2023 Playwrights – Gasworks Script Lab

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2023 marks the inaugural year of the Gasworks Script Lab playwriting program.

MWT has partnered with Gasworks Arts Park to present this program,  which offers streams for Emerging and Mid-Career playwrights. The program commenced in July and will culminate in a series of Showcase Events.

Details of the scripts to be presented at these events are listed at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, our talented cohort of 2023 Playwrights is pictured below.






The Facilitators for 2023 are playwright and teacher Michael Olsen (Emerging stream) and playwright and MWT Resident Director Elizabeth Walley (Mid-Career stream).  The Program Coordinator is Clare Mendes, who is a playwright, producer and the Company Manager of MWT.




Join us for these S H O W C A S E   E V E N T S


The scripts written during Gasworks Script Lab will be presented at the following events. All welcome!


The Studio Theatre (Gasworks Arts Park) Tuesday 24th October @ 6.30 – 8.30pm
Ground Control by Fiona Corke

The Ring by Jennifer Beasley

Crossways by Marina Nash

The Unusual Proposal by Desiree Milonas-King

Horizon by Ros Varley

I desire you to sing by A J Carney


The Studio Theatre (Gasworks Arts Park) Wednesday 25th October @ 6.30 – 8.30pm
The Willow Tree by Finn Moseley

Mufasa Lives in You by Nathan Curnow


*Tickets for the above Showcase Nights @ Gasworks will be available from October. Details



The Performance Space (Docklands) Saturday 2nd December @ 2pm – 5pm

Ideogenesis by Priyanka Jan

My Dogs Don’t Bark by Mateusz Dawidowski

Never Enough by Sharron Hunter

Playtime’s Over by Lochie Laffin-Vines

Trees are Green by Maree Collie

Saint Ray by Rob Selzer

Female Vagabond by Louise Hopewell

One Hot Brick by Johnny Bolger

Belle Darling Klondike Queen by Natalie Frijia

Jennie! by Bruce Shearer

*More information about the above Showcase @ Docklands event will be listed on this page in October.



Congratulations to our 2023 participants on completing the program.
We hope that your time spent in Gasworks Script Lab
will provide a foundation for your future writing endeavors.