2023 winner – Mark Andrew



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M A R K    A N D R E W

‘The Critical Marriage’



‘The playwright has a unique voice
and manages to truly transport the reader
into the very specific academic world
of two great intellectuals
through a clear and inventive structure,
sophisticated use of language,
and authentic character relationships.’

Andi Snelling, 2023 selector


About the Playwright
Mark’s short plays have been produced in five countries including: The Arts Centre Fairfax Theatre Melbourne, The Seymour Centre Sydney, La Mama’s Courthouse, Dante’s in Fitzroy, The Little Theatre Williamstown, The Newtown Theatre, Chapel-off-Chapel, The Secret Rose Theatre (LA), Manchester’s Leigh Centurion (UK), The Performing Arts Centre (KL), and The Herald Theatre (NZ). A highlight was Jim Beaver (Deadwood, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) selecting two of Mark’s plays to perform in at LA’s The Secret Rose Theatre. Mark’s longer plays have featured as part of MWT’s seasons (Time’s Arrow, directed by Shannon Woollard), The Melbourne Fringe (Bomb the Base, directed by Louise Howlett) and Dante’s in Fitzroy (Seven of Hearts, directed by Wayne Pearne). Mark’s short story Sunday was also commended by literary editor Jason Stegler in The Age.

Mark is delighted to be working with MWT again with the inaugural Amethyst Award for The Critical Marriage.


MWT asks Mark – why did you write The Critical Marriage?

My motivation for writing The Critical Marriage emerged from an interest in ‘futures’, both individual and societal. During the story’s conception I was working with Oxford University, taking a deep dive into academia including at The Future of Humanity Institute, an interdisciplinary centre asking big questions about humanity and its prospects. I grew the story primarily through the rarefied language of two invented intellectuals, each with fascinating areas of expertise (economics and evolutionary psychology). The theme of existential futures provided an inquisitive frame to examine my characters and their choices ‘in depth’ – an unexpected and rewarding accident.

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was presented from 3rd – 13th May @ Gasworks Arts Park


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