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7 brand new scripts by Samantha Napier, Mazz Ryan, Bruce Shearer, William Cuiava, Katharine Phyn and Katherine Phelps were presented at EAT MY WORDS! on 9th February. A terrific audience (no, we mean it – you were really switched-on!) gave insightful and valuable feedback after each reading, which the writers will be able to use for the purpose of improving and redrafting their scripts.
Distinguished performances by actors Isabella Gilbert, Kyle Roberts, Ian Cairncross, Francesca Waters, Alec Gilbert and Emma Cox, script after script, ensured that the writers’ words came to life. In fact, the unrehearsed readings were of such a high standard that our writers and audience alike left the Courthouse feeling that they had been treated to an evening of short plays. A great way to kick off another year of writing!