The state-of-the-art library space that is Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library, has once again opened its doors for IN ONE ACT, a creative partnership between Yarra Libraries and MWT that gives new and emerging playwrights from the City of Yarra and beyond the opportunity to immerse themselves in an intensive five-stage writing program.

Facilitated by MWT’s resident director Elizabeth Walley, IN ONE ACT is, remarkably, a free program. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate. Having said that, participants are expected to work solidly from the first workshop on 9th June to the final event on 13th September – submitting pieces of writing as required, sharing their writing as a group, and ultimately producing a script that can be read by actors in front of an audience.

This is the second year of IN ONE ACT. A highlight of this year’s program will be the inclusion of a Playreading Workshop on 11th August. On this day, participating writers will listen as their scripts are read and workshopped by MWT actors in preparation for presentation at one of two Reading Performances. The first of these will be held on 10th September at MWT’s theatrical home, La Mama Courthouse, while for the second and final event writers, MWT actors and audience members will return to the beautiful space of Bargoonga Nganjin to enjoy more of the scripts created during this year’s program.

Below are some snaps taken at Workshop #2 on 14th July, where Elizabeth Walley led participants through a series of creative warm-up activities before moving onto an afternoon of brainstorming, discussion, and writing exercises. We look forward to sharing more highlights from IN ONE ACT with you as the program continues.


Melbourne Writers’ Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of Yarra Libraries and the City of Yarra in the creation and delivery of this year’s IN ONE ACT program.