From the Desk – July 2018


From little things, big things often grow. Melbourne Writers’ Theatre was created in 1982, and so was the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Both arose in the wake of the closure of the Pram Factory, with MWT founded by a group of notable playwrights including Jack Hibberd and Alex Miller and Fringe brought together by the Fringe Arts Network. 36 years later, both organisations remain loyal and true to their original objectives. For MWT, the overarching mission has always been to support this city’s playwrights and the creation of new Australian plays – for Melbourne Fringe, the goal is simply freedom of artistic expression. Art for everyone.

13 – 30th September is the timeframe for Melbourne Fringe this year. Perhaps so that there can be no uncertainty about these dates, they have been incorporated into the 2018 logo. I would encourage everyone to block out these dates in their springtime diaries, and then to think about the kinds of events – performance, art, comedy, spoken word, and of course theatre – that you would most like to go along and see during these two-and-a-half weeks. What will give you a creative lift, take you out of your senses and bring you excitement and pleasure? There is a 99% chance that Fringe will have a show you will absolutely love.- you just have to find it, when tickets go on sale on 15th August.

On this date, the official Fringe Program booklet will become available and visible all over town, and the Fringe website itself will list all of its shows together with ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons. Until then, you can find out a bit more about Melbourne Fringe – its ethos, its inclusiveness, the artists and shows it supports, everything – at:

MWT is doing a Fringe show. It’s called Stark. Dark. Albert Park. and it will be on at the delightful Gasworks Art Park from 14th – 22nd September. If you fancied coming along to the Studio Theatre one evening and immersing yourself in an hour of darkly humorous monologues, we would be really happy to see you. There will be 450 shows on offer at Fringe this year, performed at 170+ venues across the city, but we are people you know. And there will be a special price for MWT members. Our first show is Friday 14th September, and our last show is Saturday 22nd September. If you haven’t been to Gasworks before, it’s a very comfortable venue with plenty of parking, a great bar and a lovely patio where you can enjoy a drink and a chat before and after the show. An assortment of Fringe events will be on at Gasworks every night, but we were thrilled to be offered a 7.45pm spot. We hope you will come along and enjoy our Fringe 2018 creation.


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre