From the Desk – November 2017


an unanswered question or two – make that 25. Followed by a stylish monologue or two, some Christmas treats … the 2017 Australian Theatre Quiz will be a fun way to finish up what has been a fine year for MWT. It’s our annual fundraiser, with 100% of the profits raised from the $25 tickets you buy used to fund our 2018 Season. Every year for the past three we have run this Theatre Quiz, and every year the theatre season that followed has been better than the previous one – better writing, higher production values, more satisfied audiences … just More.

Apart from the sense of achievement, self-worth and superior intellect you will no doubt experience upon being crowned the 2017 Australian Theatre Quiz Champion, and the reverence with which others in the broader theatre community will, we hope, greet you upon the conferring of this title (and no, we don’t allow participants to Phone a Friend or consult Google, Wikipedia or Siri – to compensate for this we make a high percentage of the questions rather easy), what you will gain from this night at the theatre is the strong sense that when you belong to Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, you are a vital part of the MWT fabric. You may have heard arts organisations and major banks say this before, but in our case it is honestly true. MWT members join because they are genuinely passionate about creating theatre. In the years they don’t write, or don’t submit what they have written, or just take time off to Live, you will seem working behind the bar. Some years their work is on stage and you’ll still see them working behind the bar – MWT members tend to be upbeat, with a sound work ethic – and some years you’ll wonder where X or Y or XY has been for a while only to spot them in the audience one night. And the night after that, and often they’ll bring their friends.

You don’t need the wisdom of an Australian Theatre Quiz winner to see that each of these types of member involvement brings great benefits for MWT, with none being more valuable than another. A stage is no use unless you have writers who will write for it; a bar needs FOH staff if it is to sell drinks; actors need audiences who will laugh, and cry, and hold their breath. If you have participated in the life of MWT in any of the above ways this year, you may wish to use Monday 18th December as a night off from independent theatre. But we hope you’ll come to the 2018 Australian Theatre Quiz, because there are some of you whom we don’t know very well and apart from firing questions at you, we’d like to say: Thank you, Fabric.


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre