From the Desk – February 2019

Deadlines, guidelines, selection criteria – but write because you Need to.

The MWT year opens with calmness, careful planning and several important deadlines. Submissions for our 2019 Season of New Work are now open, and will close on 30th April. The submission guidelines for our 2019 productions were emailed to all MWT members, but if you’re not a member and are interested in submitting a script, please click here.   Another important deadline is 15th March, for any writers interested in participating in the 2019 In One Act playwriting development program. That application link is here.  A scroll through the web pages of other organisations, theatre companies and arts bodies will produce more deadlines and selection criteria that you will  alternately seize on or ignore, depending on what you are prepared to do in order to achieve your personal goals. You could jot them all in your diary, study those guidelines and then map out a plan that addresses the prescribed criteria. Or you can just write – because you Need to.

The monologue and the short play, both of which will be celebrated in our Season 2019, are significant genres in their own right and having one of these produced can lead to something else. We hope that you will write monologues and short plays for us, and that this will lead to something else. We hope that every playwright member of MWT will end up where they want to end up, and if the full-length play you stage to critical acclaim five years from now was programmed in part because of a monologue you wrote for an MWT show back in 2019, our work is, in part, done. The fact is that it is exceedingly difficult to have your work commissioned or programmed by a theatre company if you have not already had a swathe of plays professionally produced. For the purpose of building this swathe, and also because we really love monologues and short plays, we invite you to submit your writing for our Season 2019 shows.

There is a deadline to meet, submission guidelines to download and selection criteria to follow. But in the end, we ask that you write because it’s what you need to do.


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre