From the Desk – Sept/Oct 2018

The best is still to come.


It has been a busy, creative and very productive year for MWT. Hot on the heels of our Script Workshop series came the rewarding In One Act writing program; this was followed by our Fringe show Stark. Dark. Albert Park. which played at Gasworks to appreciative audiences, and our year is not over yet. In fact, it’s possible that the best is still to come, with the first of our Season 2018 productions Six Degrees in Melbourne to be presented at La Mama Courthouse from 13th – 25th November. Our second production The Melbourne Monologues will run at the same venue from 27th November to 2nd December, and then perhaps we will have created as much new theatre as is possible for a friendly little arts organisation to create in one year. Though with so many ambitious writers, actors and directors within our membership ranks these days, one can never be sure.

I say this by way of an apology for the fact that there was no September Playbill. We leapt from August to October, with not a single e-newsletter in between. As I said, we have been busy, in the best possible ways; but I apologise to any writers who joined MWT in August and have been Waiting for an electronic missive. The fact is, you have joined a highly active organisation, and if you want to understand what it is that we do and, importantly, how you can become a part of this, the best advice would be to come and join us now and ask questions later. Come to our 8th October event, Finish This Script. Come to one of our Season 2018 shows. Just come – come and physically join this company of artists you joined online, because somewhere within MWT there will be an opportunity for you, but you will only see it if you See it. So see us, see our shows, see what we do … and together let’s find out what Melbourne Writers’ Theatre can offer you as a playwright in 2019.



Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre