3rd – 22nd October  at  LA MAMA COURTHOUSE


Submissions for our 2017 season of new work, PAGE TO STAGE 2017, closed on 30th June, and we are pleased to announce the selected works in each category. They are as follows:

Six Degrees In Melbourne
This Fare Land Of Ours – Neil McGovern
It’s Got A Strange Grip On Me – Bruce Shearer
Hope – Heather Forbes-McKeon
Rainbow’s End – Alison Knight
It’s Not Me…It’s You – Katie Lee
The Old Woman And The Box – Martin Rice

The Melbourne Monologues
The Bystander is the Gatekeeper – Anita Sanders
Garry – Bruce Shearer
No FeetCarmen Saarelaht
To Understand – Katie Lee
Girls’ School Delights – Adele Shelley
Fairy Dust – Louise Baxter


Firstly, I would like to commend all the writers for participating in this submission process. We were delighted to receive a large number of entries for The Melbourne Monologues and an equally impressive collection of short plays for Six Degrees in Melbourne. These latter scripts responded to the brief ‘A Melbourne tram, a secret and no more than four characters’, while the Monologues invited works up of to 10 minutes on any theme.

As you can imagine, the process of reading, selecting and drawing up a final list of scripts can prove a challenging one. For Six Degrees in Melbourne, both Alec Gilbert (Co-Director) and I spent considerable time discussing and deliberating before arriving at the final six short plays. The responsibility of selecting six monologues for The Melbourne Monologues rested with me, as the sole director of this showcase.

Across both categories, there was an interesting mix of subject matter and narrative form, and a number of good ideas not yet fully realised in the work presented. The final works selected for the 2017 season have been chosen for the quality of the writing, the dramatic and theatrical possibilities inherent in the work, and the ease with which they sit together in two single balanced programmes.

In this regard, the selector’s role is somewhat curatorial, with an imperative to engage and entertain an audience whilst attempting to deliver a cohesive theatre experience. The stories in Six Degrees in Melbourne explore the challenge of personal growth; the path to enlightenment that some fail to recognise. Some of our protagonists walk with the support of mentors, and others with visitations from a spiritual guide. In The Melbourne Monologues, the thread that runs through the pieces relates to external circumstances that dictate one’s life, and the obstacles and challenges that may affect its direction.

I encourage writers whose work has not been selected for this year’s season to write and submit for a future season. Dramaturgical suggestions for future submissions would include: allowing ample time to write the script – it’s helpful if you can write a first draft, put it aside, then return to it with fresh eyes; ensuring that the script meets the submission requirements for each category, eg. if you are submitting a monologue of approx. 10 minutes in length, it is advisable to time it prior to submission to make sure it is not too short or too long; ensuring that the script you submit is the best it can be, ie. it has been through several drafts and has been proofread.

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre is excited about the 2017 Season. and we invite all members to join us in celebrating this collection of new Australian writing at La Mama Courthouse from 4th – 22nd October.

Our very best wishes to all writers who submitted work for this Season.

Elizabeth Walley                                              Alec Gilbert

Resident Director                                               Co-Director

Melbourne Writers’ Theatre                               ‘Six Degrees In Melbourne’


Tickets for both shows available from 1st September from:

Six Degrees in Melbourne

The Melbourne Monologues

We look forward to seeing you there!