From the Desk – July 2021

Talent, skills and life experience have entered the Waiting Room

On 17th July this year’s In One Act program was necessarily launched in a virtual space rather than a physical one, but this would prove to be the only drawback of Session #1. As our 2021 writers and artists were brought in from their Zoom Waiting Room and invited to say a few words about themselves, it soon became apparent that within this diverse group of ten individuals there were some impressive resumes. Two actors, a retired high school teacher, a circus and physical theatre performer; a media graduate and game show writer, a health communications writer, a comic book writer who has penned a political thriller graphic novel; a comedy writer & actor; a dancer-turned-actor & writer; a writer & energetic grandmother. Two of these artists hail from the United States, one has recently returned from there, one has toured Australia with both solo and ensemble shows, and all of them, without exception, bring an extraordinary breadth of creative and life experience to this year’s In One Act program.

We are keen to see what these individuals will do with this over the coming 3.5 months. You can learn more a little more about our In One Act 2021 Participants here – and if you’d like to find out more about In One Act itself, just click here. 

As far as creative writing programs go, In One Act has always been something of a rarity in that its participants tend to enter the program from quite different backgrounds and often with very different starting points. Even if they have never written a play, they are generally driven to create, to produce, and to start and also finish projects. Beyond theatre, they are excited about the arts and want to talk about the arts. Their eclectic experiences to date mean that they are not just risk-adverse, but quite enjoy taking a risk. They find pleasure in throwing up new ideas, seeing how they fall, and watching the fireworks that shoot out in the process.

A look around the Zoom Room at Session #1 made me think that here was a group of creators who would also enjoy just shooting the breeze over a coffee. Our cafes are currently closed, as is our Programmed Space – when it opens, we look forward to being able to give our In One Act participants a physical space in which to network, collaborate, and just form a friendship or two.

Until then, we shall look forward to seeing them again in our Waiting Room.

Best creative wishes,


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre