From the Desk – October 2021

18 reasons to join MWT

At a time of high numbers in Melbourne, here is a smaller, easier number upon which to feast your theatre-starved eyes – 18. Here are 18 reasons why, if you are reading this Playbill as a fellow artist and friend of Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, you should consider taking the next step, which is also small and easy, and JOIN MWT. Easier still, just send an email to and we will join you up the same day. Membership of MWT aims to be affordable for everyone, members receive an endless list of benefits in return for their $85 or $110 investment in the arts, and this would be the No. 1 reason to join MWT.

No. 2 – Yes, your membership also represents an investment in the arts. The annual subscriptions of MWT’s members directly fund the organisation’s workshops, guest speakers, dramaturgical programs, soirees and theatrical seasons.

No. 3 – As an MWT member, you can attend our workshops and enjoy our guest speakers for free. The forthcoming series of workshops to be offered by Naomi Sumner, our 2021 UNESCO Playwright-in-Residence – on 25th October, 7th November and 22nd November – are member-only events.

No. 4 – As an MWT member, you can also have your work included in our soirees and theatrical seasons.

No. 5 – You can submit your scripts for assessment and written feedback.

No. 6 – You can contact us when you need advice on playwriting – no question is too big or too small

No. 7 – We will promote your shows and promote you as a playwright.

No. 8 – We will keep you in touch with the latest opportunities for playwrights, in Victoria and beyond.

No. 9 – You will meet and befriend other playwrights – at workshops, events, and online and onsite places in between.

No. 10 – You will also meet, befriend and connect with directors, dramaturgs and some truly remarkable actors.

No. 11 – You will be able to test your scripts through script readings with these directors, dramaturgs and actors.

No. 12 – This means you will no longer be writing your scripts in a vacuum, but with support, and in collaboration.

No. 13 – You can join MWT at any stage of your playwriting career – whether you are a new, emerging or established playwright.

No. 14 – You can join MWT if you have never written a play at all, but are keen to write.

No. 15 – You can join MWT no matter where you live in Victoria – our online workshops make it easy to stay involved.

No. 16 – You can join MWT just to support our work, the arts and the creation of new theatre.

No. 17 – You will be joining an organisation that holds a unique place in the local theatrical landscape – established in 1982, MWT has now been supporting this city’s playwrights and the development of new plays for 39 years.

No. 18 – You will receive an invitation to our 40th birthday party.


We would love to have you on board at Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, and welcome your application for membership HERE


Happy writing!


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre