From the Desk – December 2021

How to build a Big new year


As someone who thrives on building new things while making existing things bigger, I find the end of a year exciting. Rather than marking an end to twelve months that worked quite well but petered out once the Christmas lights began to twinkle, the impending arrival of a new year presents a gateway to a brand new creative calendar that will again be full of rewarding opportunities for MWT and its playwrights, with something for everyone. But as with each year, in 2022 there will be more of these opportunities – and they will be Bigger.

The Christmas lights shone with intensity this year, as we all know, and they shone a light on events that lit up MWT in 2021 and which we will therefore take into 2022. These are:

  • Zoom writing workshops that everyone can attend – no matter where they live
  • In-person workshops that bring together those able to travel
  • A UNESCO playwright-in-residence to provide more workshops – fresh topics and helpful insights from another continent
  • A play analysis event – because exploring the best examples of playwriting craft is integral to refining our own
  • Written assessments, when requested, on your own new scripts – because the feedback of others is critical
  • Monologue and short play soirees that showcase untested new scripts you may have written for these genres
  • In One Act – a five-month creative development program for new and emerging playwrights
  • Page to Stage – an eight-month dramaturgical program for experienced playwrights of full-length plays

To the above take-ins we will add:

  • Guest speakers with perspective to challenge us
  • A theatrical season at Gasworks
  • A theatrical season at Melbourne Fringe
  • A mid-year gala event to celebrate MWT’s 40th birthday

and three new faces for the MWT committee: Gregory Vines (Membership Board), MJ Wilson (Giving & Relationships Officer) and DB Valentine (Digital Content Coordinator).

That’s Melbourne Writers’ Theatre in 2022 at a glance, and we can’t wait to get started.

And when the lights go out on 2021 and come up on 2022, like a stage that can’t wait, we will spring into it. We hope you will join us!

With best wishes for our shared 2022,


Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre