From the Desk – November 2019



As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to look back at what MWT achieved in 2019 – specifically, what we wrote. If the success of a playwriting organisation can be measured in numerical terms, here are the numbers of new Australian scripts we presented on a stage in 2019:
Beachside Stories (5); Daring Dog Monologues (6); Six Degrees at a Hot Melbourne Market (4); In One Act program (10). Total: 25. …  

These are just the MWT-written scripts that were presented to the public. A lot more were written – for submission to our various season shows, for development at In One Act, and of course purely from compulsion  – because as a Writer and a thinking being you have something to tell the world and the best and most powerful way to do this is, in your opinion, through the pages of a play script; but the number-crunching fact is that MWT has given 25 new scripts a life on stage this year, their writers a chance to shine, their performers a chance to shine at centre stage, and, to the theatre-viewing public, 25 different, thought-provoking and rewarding theatrical experiences.

As the person who oversees the operations of MWT, produces its shows and coordinates the In One Act program, I can honestly not imagine what 2019 would have been without these new scripts, or, on a personal level, what my year would have been if I had not worked with the writers who created them, the actors who performed them, and the directors who pulled them together into the rewarding theatrical productions we all watched, enjoyed, and were left thinking about.

Rather empty, I imagine.

Thank you to all Writers who have allowed us to celebrate their scripts this year.



Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre