From the Desk – March 2020

We need to write Now – about Now.


It’s a very good time to Write,and we currently have two opportunities open to those who have the desire, the time, and most of all the need, to put pen to paper. The first of these is our Season 2020 for which we have waived all submission fees, so start writing the best monologue or short play the world will ever see and make sure you send it to us by 30th April. The second opportunity is a new one, recently announced and repeated below – Victorious 2020. We’ll need your submissions by 30th June for this one, but you could start writing now. In fact, we encourage it.

We are hoping that you will not be so saddened and disturbed by the pandemic currently sweeping the world that you will be unable to write. For those who have not been personally affected by recent events, and who can resolve to rise above it all for just a few long moments at the writing desk, we can promise you that there is joy and freedom to be gained from such an experience and that the act of writing about this terrible moment in history will produce catharsis for you, empathy in your audience, and historical documentation of the flickering moments that might otherwise be neglected or forgotten when all of this is Over – this, along with celebration of and commiseration for the human condition, being pivotal to the position description of the Playwright.

So tell us Everything.



Clare Mendes
Company Manager
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre