As a writer, it can be difficult to take a seat on stage following a public reading of your work for the purpose of listening to audience feedback. But that’s exactly what a group of MWT writers did recently when they offered up their new scripts for discussion.

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“It’s a fantastic exercise,” says Bruce Shearer (pictured), whose short plays The Road To Sleepyland and This Is Something Special were read at Eat My Words! “The audience has a way of seeing things that may be obscured from the writer’s vision – plots that need fleshing out, dialogue that could be stronger, and narrative devices that can really lift your piece – and the actors reading your work can give you real insight into the characters you have created. I’ve come away from this evening with fresh eyes and some new ideas. I would encourage all writers to put themselves and their work on the line in this way.”

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Writers Katherine Phelps, William Cuiava and Kat Phyn discuss their work with actors and audience at Eat My Words!