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In 2021 MWT was excited to develop four new, unproduced, full-length plays by MWT members through PAGE TO STAGE. This is our one-on-one dramaturgical program in which MWT playwrights are mentored by experienced dramaturgs over a period of eight months. PAGE TO STAGE commenced with the selection of scripts
on 30th April 2021 and culminated in The Salon Readings, presented from 15th – 18th November 2021.




will open on 1st March 2022 and close on 30th April 2022.

The submission form will be posted on this page on 15th February.




A reflection on PAGE TO STAGE 2021

From the Producer, Clare Mendes:

I’d like to sincerely thank the four creative teams who brought our four new scripts to life in The Salon Readings. Thank you also to the audience members who tuned in each night – it was great to have you there for the first-ever presentation of these works, and we hope you also enjoyed the nightly Q&A with our playwrights and their mentoring dramaturgs. 

The following new works were presented at The Salon Readings:

Monday 15th November
‘The Jasmine Suite’
Writer: Michael Olsen
Dramaturg: Brooke Fairley
Director: Mazz Ryan
*Why did Michael write this script? Watch the Q&A..

Tuesday 16th November
‘Tatiana, Dragon and Friend’
Writer: Inna Tsyrlin
Dramaturg: Cathy Hunt
Director: DB Valentine
*Why did Inna write this script? Watch the Q&A.

Wednesday 17th November
‘Agenda Conversation’
Writer: MJ Wilson
Dramaturg & Director: Elizabeth Walley
*Why did M J write this script? Watch the Q&A.

Thursday 18th November
‘Blackspot Hotspot’
Writer: Bruce Shearer
Dramaturg: Callum Dale
Director: Alec Gilbert
*Why did Bruce write this script? Watch the Q&A.

If you are interested in talking to any of these writers
or reading or commissioning any of these scripts,
please contact MWT at


To find out more about the PAGE TO STAGE 2021 Playwrights, Dramaturgs and scripts,
please visit our Playwrights & Dramaturgs page HERE.



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will open on 1st March 2022 and close on 30th April 2022.

The submission form will be posted on this page on 15th February.




STAGE 1: Selection        April

All submitted scripts will be sent to our 2021 independent selector for reading, feedback and selection. Four scripts will be selected for dramaturgical development in 2022.

STAGE 2: Reading of scripts by Dramaturgs        May
Each playwright will be paired with a dramaturg, with whom they will work closely on the further development of their script.

STAGE 3: Meeting between Playwright and Dramaturg     June
The playwright and dramaturg meet for a one-on-one (in person or on Zoom) discussion of the script.

STAGE 4: Redraft #1     July
Using feedback received at the Meeting, the playwright completes a 2nd draft of their script.

STAGE 5: Feedback from Dramaturg     July
The dramaturg provides feedback on the 2nd draft.

STAGE 6: Redraft #2    August
The playwright completes a 3rd draft of their script.

STAGE 7: Directors receive Scripts    September
The scripts are cast for reading at The October Workshops

STAGE 8: The October Workshops    October
Closed workshopping of the scripts by writers, dramaturgs and actors, over four nights:
3rd – 6th October 2021    7pm – 9pm each night

STAGE 9: Redraft #3    October
The dramaturg provides final feedback – the playwright completes a 4th draft.

STAGE 10: The Salon Readings  November
The scripts are presented to audiences live in a theatrical space OR pre-recorded on Zoom
from 14th – 17th November 2021
*This public presentation will include a Q&A with the playwright and dramaturg.