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PAGE TO STAGE is an intensive six-month dramaturgical program offered by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre. From May – November 2023, four MWT playwrights will participate in Page to Stage 2023, each working in a one-on-one collaboration with an experienced dramaturge to further develop their new full-length script.

After a period of rigorous dramaturgy and redrafting, the scripts are allocated to directors for workshopping in ‘The October Workshops’. Here they are read by professional actors and undergo further redrafting, in preparation for sharing with the public in the weekend showcase The Stage Door Readings
in 2023 these will be presented on 11th and 12th November.
Each script reading concludes with a Q&A with the Playwright. The playwrights may choose to use these filmed interviews as promotional material when pitching their scripts to theatres.


Submissions for PAGE TO STAGE 2023
will open on Wednesday 1st March and close on Sunday 30th April @ 11.59pm


The 2023 Submission Guidelines and Entry Form
will be posted on this page in February. To be added to the mailing list for updates,
please contact us at





STAGE 1: Selection        April
Submitted scripts are sent to our 2022 independent selector for reading, feedback and selection of scripts.

STAGE 2: Reading of scripts by Dramaturges        May
Each playwright is paired with a dramaturge, with whom they will work closely on the further development of their script.

STAGE 3: Meeting between Playwright and Dramaturge     June
The playwright and dramaturge meet for a one-on-one discussion of the script.

STAGE 4: Playwright submits 1st revised draft to Dramaturge     July
Using feedback received at the Meeting, the playwright completes and submits a 1st revised draft of their script

STAGE 5: Feedback from Dramaturge     July
The dramaturge provides feedback on the 1st revised draft.

STAGE 6: Playwright submits 2nd revised draft to Dramaturge    August
The playwright completes and submits a 2nd revised draft of their script.

STAGE 7: Directors receive Scripts    September
The scripts are sent to Directors, who cast and prepare them for reading at The October Workshops

STAGE 8: The October Workshops    October
Closed workshopping of the scripts over four nights – attended by playwrights, dramaturges, directors and actors
3rd – 5th October 2022    6pm – 9pm each night

STAGE 9: The November Rehearsals    November
A rehearsal of the final scripts, in preparation for The Stage Door Readings
6th – 9th November 2022    6pm – 9pm each night

STAGE 10: Playwright submits 3rd revised draft (‘final’ draft) to Dramaturge    November
Based on feedback received from the Workshops and Rehearsals, the playwright completes a ‘final’ draft.

The scripts are presented to audiences in rehearsed readings on 11th – 12th November 2023.



Below: Images from The Stage Door Readings 2022, presented at Theatre Works on 12th – 13th November.