We are excited to announce our selected playwrights and scripts for Page to Stage 2022. Congratulations to Louise Hopewell, Richard Mealey, Mag O’Brien and Alison Campbell Rate, whose scripts will receive intensive one-on-one dramaturgy from June to November. The Playwright and Dramaturg partnerships for 2022 are:


Louise Hopewell  & Elizabeth Walley (Dramaturg) – ‘Only Human’

Richard Mealey & Callum Dale (Dramaturg) – ‘Ian’s Visit’

Mag O’Brien & Cathy Hunt (Dramaturg) – ‘Fucking Michigan’

Alison Campbell Rate & Brooke Fairley (Dramaturg) – ‘Knife Edge’



This year’s independent selector was playwright and dramaturg Keziah Warner. You can read Keziah’s selection report on our Page to Stage 2022 page.  To read more about each of the writers, dramaturgs and selected works, visit our Playwrights & Dramaturgs page.

This program will culminate with the public showcasing of these four new scripts at THE SALON READINGS on 13th & 14th November. We look forward to sharing this event with you when the time comes.


PAGE TO STAGE 2022 is generously supported with a grant from the Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund,