How to Save a Tree

By Bruce Shearer, Louise Hopewell, Megan J. Riedl and Gregory Vines

22nd – 26th August 2023

Image How to Save a Tree

HOW TO SAVE A TREE was a co-production between Gasworks Arts Park and Melbourne Writers’ Theatre. The show promotion ran as follows:


Four upbeat, uplifting and defiantly unapologetic stories of local protest

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. It also takes steadfast determination, unwavering conviction, and the willingness to do something a little unorthodox – some people might even view your antics as risqué – if that’s the only way you can get your point across. Because that’s the point, isn’t it? To make the world sit up and take notice?

From the creators of Beachside Stories (2019), The Best, The Fairest, The First (2021) and Tales from the Jetty (2022) comes How to Save a Tree, a collection of entertaining short plays celebrating four remarkable local protesters and protests organisations. From the 1920s suffragette Jenny Baines to the remarkable Sister Brigid Arthur, from the intrepid members of Extinction Rebellion Port Phillip to the stalwarts of Save Albert Park – these protesters, their passion and their preparedness to wage their uphill battles across decades have made Port Phillip a better community for everyone.

Rich in history, this theatrical showcase will bring to life some of the more memorable moments that have shaped these protesters. It will also give you a rare insight into the fearless goal that drives each one … with guaranteed laughs along the way.   60 minutes.


Rhys Carter
Lansy Feng
Ian Ferrington
Alec Gilbert
Cosima Gilbert
Cassandra Hart
Rohan D. Hingorani
Carrie Moczynski
Gabrielle Ng



Writers    Bruce Shearer, Louise Hopewell, Megan J. Riedl and Gregory Vines
Director & Designer    Elizabeth Walley
Sound Designer    John Jenkin
Lighting Designer  David Silvester
Stage Manager    Isabella Gilbert
Creator & Producer    Clare Mendes

Read the Cast and Crew biographies in the SHOW PROGRAM:

Producer, Director, Acknowledgements

Writers, Actors, Crew






Didn’t make it to the show? Watch this excerpt from the opening play:

Jennie Baines versus the World (1.40)       *Videography by Amelia Mendes


Photos: Anna Moloney-Heath


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