A Flower for Moses

By Clare Mendes

11th – 15th May 2021

A Flower For Moses Melbourne Writers Theatre Clare Mendes

A FLOWER FOR MOSES was presented in the Studio Theatre. The show promotion ran as follows:

A pound of butter. A wintery sky. Trentham, 1954. Can Germaine solve the puzzle?

At 81, there’s nothing Germaine Weaving enjoys more than a good cryptic crossword. But no matter how she approaches this one, the clues don’t add up. A pound of butter. A wintery sky. And why won’t Frank come out of the cool room? Desire loves a good mystery, but she’s in no hurry to solve one that links her late father to a crime. Thomas can’t help Germaine either – he has a buried secret of his own to come to terms with. But Germaine didn’t carve out a successful career in journalism by giving up when the going got tough. This is a big story, and it can only be told by her – so why the devil won’t anyone listen?

Acclaimed actor Uschi Felix (Marlene Dietrich: Perfect Illusion) is joined on stage by Clare Larman and Daniel Deards in this heart-warming play about love, denial and the secrets we carry inside us.

Written by Clare Mendes. Directed by Cathy Hunt. Designed by D. B. Valentine. 75 minutes.

Photo credit: Anna Moloney-Heath

Presented by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre


Uschi Felix  (Germaine)
Clare Larman    (Desire)
Daniel Deards    (Thomas)


Writer    Clare Mendes
Director & Dramaturg    Cathy Hunt
Designer   D. B. Valentine
Stage Manager    Barbara Toohey
Lighting Technician    Kit Cunneen

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Image by Anna Moloney-Heath

Show photos by Clare Mendes