Daring Dog Monologues

Created for Melbourne Fringe 2019

12th – 21st September 2019

Daring Dog Monologues poster

DARING DOG MONOLOGUES was our Melbourne Fringe production for 2019. The monologues for this production were selected through a blind-read process from scripts submitted by MWT members. The show blurb for Daring Dog Monologues ran as follows:

A dog flies breathlessly all the way to the moon. A woman-dog dreams first of love, then revenge. A dogless man reveals a secret talent. We went digging in a local garden bed, a Russian spaceship and a suburban bedroom or two, and these are the juicy treasures we turned up. Quick, share them with us, before the sun goes down, before we lose our bravado and just start burying them all.

Penned by a collection of daring Writers
Performed by an ensemble of determined Actors
Stage Management by the delightful Melissa Pearson
Directed and Designed by the defiant Elizabeth Walley
Proudly presented by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre


The playwrights and actors who wrote and performed these six short plays were:
Michael Olsen  Comet’s Tale (performed by Cosima Gilbert)
Maree Collie   It’s Not Funny  (performed by Callum Straford)
Brooke Fairley   Jitterbug  (performed by Sarah Hamilton)
Elizabeth Dias  Since  (performed by Alec Gilbert)
Heather Forbes-McKeon   Desperate and Dirty at Twilight   (performed by Clare Larman)
Bruce Shearer   I am ublet  (performed by Isabella Gilbert)



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Show photos by John A, Edwards