By Cerise de Gelder

4th – 8th October 2022

Hostage was presented by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre at Gasworks Arts Park for Melbourne Fringe 2022. The show promotion ran as follows:

If this was your last day on earth, what secrets would you tell your best friend?

It’s funny what a woman will reveal to another woman when she’s under pressure. Until 10.23 on Wednesday morning, no one had the faintest idea what Julia had done at the staff Christmas party. None of them knew about young Lucy’s unfulfilled dream, or that Barb had a huge secret she’s been keeping for the last twenty years. And who could have had any inkling that Marg, stalwart employee and doting grandmother, would drop such a bombshell, or that Zoe could be so burdened with guilt after the events of one fateful night? But at 10.23 am, on an otherwise normal Wednesday morning, Patty and her boyfriend walk through the doors, and life at the bank will never be quite the same again…

Written by insightful Melbourne playwright Cerise de Gelder, and featuring a stellar all-female cast, Hostage is a funny, fast-paced and sharply intelligent new play about the friendships between women, the invisible ties that bind us, and how these are stretched in a crisis. If you’re looking for the ultimate Girls’ Night Out at this year’s Fringe, you just found it.


Charmaine Gorman  ‘Julie’
Marli van der Bijl  ‘Patti’
Natasha Broadstock  ‘Barb’
Del Jordan  ‘Zoe’
Cosima Gilbert  ‘Lucy’
Ruth Katerelos  ‘Marg’


Writer    Cerise de Gelder
Director & Designer    Elizabeth Walley
Stage Manager    Barbara Toohey
Producer    Clare Mendes

Read the Cast and Crew biographies in the SHOW PROGRAM:

Producer, Director, Acknowledgements

Writer, Actors, Stage Manager



Didn’t make it to the show? Enjoy some highlights in this 3-minute trailer:



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