Six Degrees in Melbourne

La Mama Courthouse, Carlton

13th – 25th November 2018

A Flower For Moses Melbourne Writers Theatre Clare Mendes

SIX DEGREES IN MELBOURNE was the first production in our 2018 Season. This was the second year of this innovative show, with writers asked to write a script of approx. 15 minutes featuring the location of Flinders Lane and the theme of ‘lost and found, and just two characters: Tally and Beaux. The show blurb for Six Degrees in Melbourne was as follows:

Tally and Beaux An intricate secret. Tally and Beaux. A laneway at midnight. Tally and Beaux. Love, hate, love. Tally and Beaux. A deal gone slightly … hmm. In the second year of this theatrical journey by degrees from Melbourne’s most celebrated writers’ theatre, 6 writers went down to Flinders Lane. Out of the cobblestones, brass plates and cafe chatter, 6 stories were meticulously penned yet only 2 characters created. Tally and Beaux – played by 8 actors. Just to keep you guessing.

Directed and Designed by: Mazz Ryan and Adele Shelley
Lighting Design by: Adelaide Harney
Set & props: Joe Austin-Crowe
Production Assistant: Maree Collie
Videographer: Bernard Peasley
Photographer: John A. Edwards

The playwrights and actors who wrote and performed these six short plays were:
Katie Lee  We Need To Talk  (performed by Sarah Hamilton and Rhys Hamlyn)
Joe Austin-Crowe   Kept Bear   (performed by Carolyn Dawe and Kyle Roberts)
Maree Collie   Imposture   (performed by Robyn Lester and Yvonne Matthew)
Mazz Ryan   Take 2   (performed by Carolyn Dawe and Stephanie Cook)
Bruce Shearer   Do The Deal (performed by Rhys Hamlyn and Tim Clarke)
Adele Shelley   Love is a Dish   (performed by Kyle Roberts and Sarah Hamilton)


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We Need to Talk

Kept Bear


Take 2

Do the Deal

Love is a Dish