Six Degrees in Melbourne

By Neil McGovern, Bruce Shearer, Heather Forbes-McKeon, Alison Knight, Katie Lee and Martin Rice

4th – 15th October 2017

A Flower For Moses Melbourne Writers Theatre Clare Mendes

SIX DEGREES IN MELBOURNE was the first production in our ‘Page to Stage 2017’ season. This was a brand new show for us and an adventurous method of creating theatre, with writers asked to write a script of max. 20 minutes which featured a tram, a secret, and 2 – 4 characters. Six Degrees in Melbourne was promoted as follows:

Six lives. Six secrets. Six degrees of intensity.
We’ll ease you into this bold theatrical journey and then, degree by degree, we’ll turn up the heat. A story, a secret; then another story, another secret, and the whole time a tram dips in and out. It pauses before speeding on to the final stop – this is your final degree.                        90 minutes, no stops.
Written by:  Neil McGovern, Bruce Shearer, Heather Forbes-McKeon,  Alison Knight, Katie Lee and Martin Rice      Performed by:  The MWT ensemble of actors      Directed by:  Elizabeth Walley

The playwrights and actors who wrote and performed these six short plays were:
Heather Forbes  Hope  (performed by Alec Gilbert and Isabella Gilbert)
Neil McGovern   This Fare Land of Ours   (performed by Mazz Ryan and Cosima Gilbert)
Bruce Shearer   Handbag   (performed by Mazz Ryan and Isabella Gilbert)
Alison Knight   Rainbow’s End   (performed by Iyawn Harry and Alec Gilbert)
Katie Lee   It’s Not Me, It’s You  (performed by Isabella Gilbert and Kyle Roberts)
Martin Rice   The Woman and the Box   (performed by Ai Diem Le and Finn Lloyd)


                                                                                                                                                           Photos by John Edwards


SIX DEGREES IN MELBOURNE was presented by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre. MWT appreciates the ongoing support of La Mama, and is especially grateful to YARRA TRAMS for their generous assistance in providing the authentic tram items and signage for our set.