The Critical Marriage

By Mark Andrew

3rd – 13th May, 2023

The Critical Marriage 2023

The Critical Marriage was the inaugural winner of The Amethyst Award. Written by Mark Andrew and directed by Karyn Hodgkinson, it was presented by Melbourne Writers’ Theatre at Gasworks Arts Park from 3rd – 13th May. The show promotion ran as follows:

When Bernhard meets Imogen, science meets religion. But is their meeting of minds as perfect as it seems?

From the moment Imogen sets eyes on Bernhard in an Oxford lecture theatre, she is certain this is Love. An evolutionary psychologist with a passion for existentialism, Einstein and Anavastha – what more could an economics graduate wish for? Theirs would be a marriage of oil and water, moral dualism, and year after glorious year of intellectual discussions in their divine Berlin apartment. A critical marriage – indispensable, essential and crafted with the most noble of intentions – that would leave Imogen wanting for nothing, her questions answered.

But Mutti’s memories are disturbing. The letter is disquieting. And what of the fox, fur brilliant, eyes searching, who persists in slinking out of the shadows and into their world?

The Critical Marriage is a compelling new play about the future of humanity, the choices humans are required to make, and the love, laughter and dreams that allow us to draw our maps to the future.

This deeply moving play had me gripped from the first lines.
Memorable, powerful and expertly crafted. The playwright has a unique voice.
Andi Snelling, 2023 selector – The Amethyst Award


Janet Watson Kruse  ‘Imogen’
John Bolger  ‘Bernhard’
Carrie Moczynski  ‘Mutti’
Eleanor MacIntyre ‘Young Imogen’
Ian Ferrington ‘Young Bernhard’


Writer    Mark Andrew
Director & Designer    Karyn Hodgkinson
Stage Manager    Barbara Yazbeck
Lighting Designer   Natalya Shield
Sound Designer   Ethan Hunter
Producer    Clare Mendes

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