The Stairs Are Moving

By Neil Triffet

October 2012

The Stairs Are Moving is a new play by writer and director Neil Triffett.

Combining experimental techniques with traditional theatre, the story follows two siblings who reunite due to the passing of their Aunt Petunia.

Performer Charlotte Nicdao was the shining star of this production. Her ability to switch from not only calm and diligent Tulip to erratic and obsessive Tulip, but also to one of the crazy aunts was a joy to watch. Similarly, Carolyn Masson as the recently deceased Aunt Petunia provided great insight and emotion to a character that you therefore sympathise with despite the secrets she holds.


Writer: Neil Triffett
Director: Neil Triffett


Sibling: Sarah Plummer
Sibling: Maurice Mammoliti
Aunt Olga: Charlotte Nicdao
Aunt Tiffany: Carolyn Masson