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On Saturday 4th May 2024,
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre showcased seven new short plays and full-length play excerpts in



an opportunity for playwrights to test out their new writing in front of a local audience.

In this two-part showcase event,
experienced actors read new MWT scripts on stage
in The Performance Space,
a fully equipped state-of-the-art theatrette
located in Library At The Dock, Docklands.


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The Performance Space, Library at the Dock



The following scripts were presented on 4th May 2024:

Random Acts of Kindness by Carmen Saarelaht

The Price of Beauty by Alison Knight

Ghosts in the Wilderness by Barry Kay

The Mothership by Carmen Saarelaht

A snarl, a sneer and a snakelike kiss by Bruce Shearer

The Beach House by Michael Olsen

Sin Hombres by Clare Mendes


DIRECTOR:  Cassandra Magrath

ACTORS:  Kestie Morassi, Paul O’Brien, Elyse Batson, Alec Gilbert, Melanie Madrigali, Rory O’Brien


Thank you to everyone who attended Scripts @ The Dock

A large and appreciate audience watched these new scripts being brought to life
on 4th May, in the hands of talented local actors and under the direction of Cassandra Magrath.

Thank you to:   Sound & Lighting Technician: John Jenkin     Videographer: Barbara Yazbeck     Event Assistant: Isaac Edwards



Did you see     SCRIPTS @ THE DOCK     on 2nd December 2023?
The following writers and scripts were showcased:

Ideogenesis by Priyanka Jain

My Dogs Don’t Bark by Mateusz Dawidowski

Never Enough by Sharron Hunter

Playtime’s Over by Lochie Laffin-Vines

Trees are Green by Maree Collie

Saint Ray by Rob Selzer

Female Vagabond by Louise Hopewell

One Hot Brick by Johnny Bolger

Jennie! by Bruce Shearer


DIRECTOR:  Mazz Ryan

ACTORS:  Natasha Broadstock, Tristan Sicari, Melanie Madrigali, Alec Gilbert, Jessica Martin and Elizabeth Walley




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MWT gratefully acknowledges the support of City of Melbourne Arts Grants.