We received a record number of submissions for this year’s annual Season of New Work. Well done to all MWT writers for continuing to think, dream and write during a worldwide pandemic – our independent selectors faced a tough task indeed in selecting scripts for performance in The Metropolis Monologues and The City Park Plays. But we are delighted to announce the following Writers and scripts for SEASON 2020:


The six monologues SELECTED for performance in THE METROPOLIS MONOLOGUES are:

This Devil Ship                                   Alison Knight

The Wave                                            Lois Maskiell

The Forgotten Return                    Michael Olsen

24k Magic Ringing                            Gregory Vines

The Ministry of Cicadas                  Louise Hopewell

Rita the Tale Teller                           Mazz Ryan


The following scripts are Commended:

The Bee                                               Belinda Campbell

The Echo of Rain                               Peter Farrar

The Case of the Mace                     Alison Knight

River God                                            Louise Hopewell

Just Go with the Flow                     Adele Shelley


The five short plays SELECTED for performance in THE CITY PARK PLAYS are as follows:

Belinda Campbell     ‘Another Day At The Office’

Alison Knight     ‘Elysium’

Michael Olsen     ‘Sapling’

Mazz Ryan     ‘Take Me Home’

Bruce Shearer     ‘Out of this world’


The following scripts were HIGHLY COMMENDED:

Maree Collie     ‘Not Much Different to Us’

Louise Hopewell     ‘Let’s Get Personal’

Louise Hopewell     ‘Octopus Pot’

Bruce Shearer     ‘Spin The Wheel’


The following scripts were COMMENDED:

Katie Lee     ‘Reading Between The Lines’

Bruce Shearer     ‘It’s Yours Now’


Congratulations to all writers whose work has been Selected, commended and highly commended.

We look forward to performing the selected scripts at SEASON 2020, which will be presented at Gasworks in November. For more details about MWT’s annual Season of New Work, visit our Season 2020 page.


Pictured – actor Jonty Reason in Six Degrees at a Hot Melbourne Market (Season 2019).