THE AGREEMENT opened on Wednesday 7th October, and the audience response so far has been strong and positive. “Just brilliant! OMG, those girls are truly amazing,” one patron was heard to declare. She was no doubt referring to the performances delivered by EMMA COX (“Mathilda”) and CIUME LOCHNER (“Cindy”), who, together with the inimitable ALEC GILBERT (“Guru Bob”), take the audience on an intense, emotion-charged journey into the lives of best friends Mathilda and Ciume.

Mathilda Crouching In Front Of Fence     Cindy Looking Troubled      Cindy Looking On At Bob And Mathilda

Mathilda Combing Cindy's Hair     Bob With Back To The Audience

In the world of female ambition, which counts for more – beauty or intellect? Is a woman really allowed both, or should she be prepared to sacrifice one for the other? And what sacrifice must she make in order to keep both her career and her friendships alive, thriving, and … well, in their place?

It’s all in THE AGREEMENT.

Three shows behind us, seven to go. It all winds up on Sunday 18th October, so make sure you don’t miss out – book your ticket online TODAY at