The Stage Door Readings





are the showcase event for scripts developed through MWT’s PAGE TO STAGE dramaturgical program.
In 2023 these readings will be held on the weekend of 18th – 19th November,
and once again in the wonderful theatrical space that is Theatreworks.
This event is free for the public to attend, and you are all encouraged to attend!
Full details will be posted on this page in October.



Saturday 18 November

‘Ken & Brenda Make a Baby’  by Leo Taylor
Dramaturge: Michael Olsen
Director: Steven T Boltz


‘Immodest Acts’ by Barbara Yazbeck
Dramaturge: Enya Daly
Director: Karyn Lee Greig


‘Who I’m Doing This For’  by Peter Farrar
Dramaturge & Director: Elizabeth Walley



Sunday 19 November

‘All Fall Down’  by Bob Tyers
Dramaturge & Director: Brooke Fairley


‘The Great Kelleys’ by Natalie Frijia
Dramaturge: Cathy Hunt
Director: Chelsea Jones





In 2022
The Stage Door Readings were presented from 12th – 13th November.

The following playwrights and scripts were presented:


Saturday 12th November 

KNIFE EDGE        11am – 1pm
Playwright: Alison Campbell Rate
: Brooke Fairley
 Natasha Broadstock
Actors: Brigitte Jarvis, Ross Larkin, Charmaine Gorman, Niniane le Page, Leon Durr
Playwright Q&A:


ONLY HUMAN    2pm – 4pm
Playwright: Louise Hopewell
Dramaturge & Director
: Elizabeth Walley
Actors: Charmaine Gorman, Judith Gorman, Ian Ferrington
Playwright Q&A:

Sunday 13th November 

MID-WEST SCOUSE    11am – 1pm
Playwright: Richard Mealey
: Callum Dale
: Emma Drysdale
Actors: Zach Anderson, Lachlan Cassidy, Madeleine Magee Carr, Gregory Caine, Rebecca Morton, Phil Evans
Playwright Q&A:


F*CKING MICHIGAN    2pm – 4pm
Playwright: Mag O’Brien
Dramaturge & Director:
 Cathy Hunt
Actors: Laura Jane Turner, Dennis Coard, James Shaw, Henry Kelly
Playwright Q&A:


THANK YOU to Theatre Works for providing venue and marketing support for The Stage Door Readings.

PAGE TO STAGE 2022 was generously assisted with a grant from the
Rodney Seaborn Playwriting Support Fund