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In 2023, Melbourne Writers’ Theatre has showcased original new monologues in


T H E   Y A R R A   M O N O L O G U E S


THE YARRA MONOLOGUES have provided an opportunity for emerging playwrights from
Melbourne Writers’ Theatre and writers living in the City of Yarra
to test out their brand new writing in front of a local audience,
with MWT actors reading their Monologue scripts (3 – 10 minutes in length)
on stage at the Richmond Theatrette, a fully-accessible 80-seat theatre
located at 415 Church Street, Richmond.


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The Richmond Readings #1
Tuesday 2nd May
7pm – 9pm

The Richmond Readings #2
Tuesday 5th September
7pm – 9pm


Thank you to all writers who submitted scripts. The following scripts were presented in 2023.


Tuesday 2nd May @ 7pm – 9pm


An appreciate audience consisting of artists, supporters and interested locals came along to the Richmond Readings on 2nd May. 

Event Host: MJ Wilson     Director: Elizabeth Walley     Lighting: John Jenkin     Event Assistant: Gregg Vines     Videographer: MJ Wilson


R U N N I N G   O R D E R

FISH ON THE CEILING  written by AJ Carney  
Actor: Sarah Hamilton


GOOD ABOUT M’SELF  written by Roslyn Varley
Actor: Alec Gilbert


TINA’S MERRY GO ROUND  written  by Maddy Lee
Actor: Jessica Martin


ICE MIST  written by Bruce Shearer
Actor: Gabriel Ng 


SECOND COMING  written by Caroline Gilbo
Actor: Jessica Martin


SOUL MATES  written by Louise Hopewell
Actor: Sarah Hamilton


THE CHAIR   written by Maree Collie
Actor: Alec Gilbert  



Tuesday 5th September @ 7pm – 9pm


At Part 2 on 5th September, we presented a second collection of monologues written by MWT and local playwrights.

Event Host & Director: Elizabeth Walley     Lighting: John Jenkin     Videographer: MJ Wilson


COMING HOME written by Peter Farrar
Actor: Alec Gilbert


THE RIDE written by Nicky Smith
Actor: Melanie Madrigali


UNIVERSAL SOLDIER by Tady John Carroll
Actor: George Abbott


JUANA, REGINA by Barbara Yazbeck   
Actor: Marli van der Bijl


WELL-PRESERVED by Alison Knight
Actor: Alec Gilbert


Actor: Melanie Madrigali


BRANDING MAN by MJ Wilson                         
Actor: MJ Wilson


MWT gratefully acknowledges the venue support provided by the City of Yarra for these events.