VICTORIOUS – Words from the Pandemic

VICTORIOUS was presented as a two-part theatrical event. Scripts written in response to the 2020 worldwide pandemic were showcased at VICTORIOUS, which was intended as a celebration of MWT writers and their need, desire, and right to keep writing at this time, but also served as a celebration of their status as playwrights living in Victoria. Victoria proved to be the state whose many communities, including their arts community, were hardest hit by government-imposed funding cuts, restrictions and successive lockdowns – but our own artists have indeed emerged Victorious, and we hope that the Recordings below will serve as a reminder of their resilience, creativity, and desire to still have their voices heard, during this unprecedented moment in history.

SERIES ONE was presented on Monday 3rd August, and SERIES TWO was presented on Monday 5th October. Both attracted appreciative audiences, and our writers and artists, in turn, appreciated the opportunity to share these original pieces of writing in a public, if online, space.


WRITERS: Gaytana Adorna, Heather Forbes-McKeon, Louise Hopewell, Alison Knight, Alix Phelan, Megan J. Riedl, Mazz Ryan, Adele Shelley
ACTORS: Tim Clarke, Emma Drysdale, Megan J. Riedl, Kyle Roberts
Directed by: Mazz Ryan

You can watch the Recording here.




WRITERS: Gaytana Adorna, Christine Croyden, Louise Hopewell, Alison Knight, Heather Forbes-McKeon, Alix Phelan, Megan J Riedl, Bruce Shearer
ACTORS: Christopher Farrell, Jessica Martin, Brenda Palmer, Megan J Riedl
Directed by: Mazz Ryan

You can watch the Recording here.




We hope we will never need to present a season of

pandemic-inspired Play Readings ever again …

but we remain GRATEFUL that we could present this one.