Meet Maree Collie, an MWT playwright and In One Act participant.

For In One Act, Maree has written the short play ‘The Lady of Music’. The latest draft of this was read by actors Clare Larman, Amir Rahimzadeh, Marli Van Der Bijl and Kyle Roberts at Session #3 of In One Act, held on 28th August.

Maree dreams about ‘writing a play that opens on Broadway’. She is the writer of one produced short play Imposture (Six Degrees in Melbourne, 2019) and the monologues It’s not funny (Daring Dog Monologues, 2019) and Lost (Madwomen Monologues, 2018). Short stories and flash fiction is really where she moves, having had pieces published here and in the USA and, best of all, online in SF mag AntipodeanSF.

See ‘The Lady of Music’ when it is presented at the Performance Readings on Thursday 14th October, 6pm – 9pm. For more information about the In One Act program, an annual partnership between MWT and Yarra Libraries, visit our dedicated page.